30 activities for one one teaching

Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Lesson by Claudia Pesceviews Teaching English one on one offers numerous benefits to both teacher and student. But the greatest benefits are for the ESL student.

30 activities for one one teaching

Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Lesson by Claudia Pesceviews Teaching English one on one offers numerous benefits to both teacher and student. But the greatest benefits are for the ESL student.

The student has the unique opportunity for intensive practice.

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If the student speaks for most of the lesson, he or she will make progress faster. And the same goes for other skills. Still, the teacher is the one responsible for maximizing their time with the student.

Here are some practical tips for effective one on one lessons. Use lots of realia The use of real-life objects works in any type of class, whether they are lessons one on one or large groups.

30 activities for one one teaching

But it works exceptionally well in one on one lessons because you have closer contact with the student. For example, if you work with real city maps, you can sit next to your student while he or she gives you directions to a specific location and both of you follow the route on the map.

Realia also makes the class more fun in general, and if you have a student who is a bit shy or reluctant to speak, real objects come in handy to break the ice or motivate the student.

Needless to say, realia is absolutely essential in a one on one lesson with a child. Say you know nothing about the country and ask him or her to tell you about it: For example, when talking about Christmas you can compare the way the holiday is celebrated in the US and in your student's country.

If your student works in a particular industry, say advertisingask them to tell you about it: In any case, your student will feel proud to share this information about something they do know.

Use Internet resources Using the Internet effectively in a large class can be a bit of a challenge; students may have to share computers and they usually wander to other sites, check their email, etc But the Internet is absolutely perfect for teaching one on one. You can do reading activities with real websites; play an online game; listen to a podcast or watch a video; and even have your students take a test online.

The possibilities are endless. But remember that proper lesson planning is still essential. Make sure you check all links and websites before your lesson. Make sure you follow a very active speaking activity or game with a more relaxed and quiet exercise: Don't be afraid of silence.

Remember your students need some quiet time to gather their thoughts and relax. Plan multimedia lessons Remember that the greatest benefit for students taking lessons one on one is that they have more time to speak.

A great way to spark discussion is with video and audio. Show your student a video, check for listening comprehension, then discuss what you saw.

The same can be done with any audio file.

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Keep in mind that there is a large variety of audio and video files available on the Internet, most of which are very easy to download. Ask your student to give presentations A student who has to give presentations at work in English will be very thankful for having the chance to practice with you first.30 Activities for One-to-One Classes By reducing the amount of material that is imported into the classroom, the teacher frees the learning space for the kind of interactive, talk­mediated learning opportunities that are so crucial for language development.

Counting Money: In one of the most natural counting activities, give first graders a pile of coins for them to count. Count the pennies by ones, nickels by 5s, and dimes by .

Hi everybody, Finding interactive and communicative speaking activities for one-to-one classes can be difficult. Here is an ebook (download as a Word Document or as a pdf) which contains 30 fun activities which require very little preparation and no resources apart from a pen and paper and, most importantly, the imagination and creative abilities of you and your learner.

One-to-One Correspondence Activities for Preschool One-to-One correspondence is an important beginning math skill for preschoolers. It can take months, or even an entire year for preschoolers to begin counting objects with one-to-one correspondence.

30 activities for one one teaching

Your child should be very comfortable with the material from Objective 1: Counting before trying any of the activities in this section. This section continues practicing recognizing and counting the numbers from 1 to 10, but also introduces numbers 11 to The Teacher’s Handbook for Great One-on-one ESL Lessons A Brief Introduction to One-on-one Teaching For starters, one-on-one teaching can fall into two categories: English instruction or .

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