Art 2050

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Art 2050

A-F Traditional Course Objectives: This course is intended as an introduction to looking at works of art, particularly painting, sculpture and architecture created by African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans.

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The development of critical thinking skills is an important course objective. Value will be placed on student work that demonstrates a student's: This course satisfies the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences diversity requirement; the ultimate objective is to have students gain greater understanding of diversity issues and the role of the artist in a multicultural context.

In ARTSstudents will broaden their understanding and appreciation of visual art created by culturally diverse groups within the socio-cultural context of North America.

Students will enhance their critical thinking skills by interpreting, constructing, and deconstructing the personal and shared meanings attached to works of art made by African Americans, Latin Americans, Native Americans, and Asian Americans.

Topics to be discussed: Native North American Art.

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Fresh Talk Daring Gazes: Conversations on Asian American Art. University of California Press. Latin American Art of the 20th Century. Additional readings provided online at WebCT Syllabus:Loisiana State University Eunice Online Course Catalog. LSU Eunice P.O.

Box Eunice, LA Telephone: () art museum Dr, Jacksonville, FL - Office Space.

Art 2050

art museum Dr is located at art museum Dr in the St. Nicholas neighborhood, FL, Jacksonville, The Office building was completed in and features a total of 30, Sqft.

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Art 2050

On June , the Museum inaugural conference brought together scholars, art professionals, the public and nearly seven thousand livestream viewers to critically examine the diverse museum practices in both off.

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