Effects of road accidents

During this period Kenyans have a very peculiar habit of visiting their kin in the village with all kinds of vehicles to make a mark on their peers in the village. Due to lack of long road driving experience, most accidents occur at this time. Official road accident statistics are incomplete and inaccurate in Kenya.

Effects of road accidents

What cause traffic accidents? An accident is defined as a traffic accident if it occurs on a road or in a place to which the public have access. This can include footpaths and bridleways. Traffic accidents in Vietnam have been increasing at the alarming growth rate in the recent years.

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Why the number of traffic accidents has been increasing dramatically? The distracted driver is one of the reasons why traffic accidents happen.

The distracted driver is the person who does not pay full attention to their driving.

Towing company mission statement S is known to have terrible drivers, traffic jams, and high-stress personal lives. All of these elements coupled with the fact that after a long day at work, a person just wants to get home.
Why is drugged driving dangerous? Traffic collisions can be classified by general types.

For example, when the driver takes his hand off the wheel to turn on the radio, send messages or talk on cell phones, he cannot focus on driving; therefore, the vehicle can drift over the road line and an accident happens. The driver wound, the vehicle is damaged or ruined.

The lack of concentration when the drivers are driving can causes traffic accidents, injuries or even deaths. Traffic accidents can happen because of the impairment and fatigue of the drivers.

The Financial Effects of an Accident

In fact, under the influence of alcohol, the driver cannot control by himself, he is not able to quickly react in certain during situation.

As a result, the car can crash against a lamp-post or a van…The drivers can get trauma in the head, broken legs or many physical injuries; the car is not drivable. Indeed, when the drivers feel tired, they fall asleep or doze, they do not pay attention to vehicle speed so they let vehicle plunge into everywhere it can; hence, the accident occur and take the life of the drivers away.

Effects of road accidents

Emotional and mental distress causes accidents and a lot of losses about human being and property. Weather condition is an element that effort traffic accidents.

Heavy rain, snowstorm or hail decrease the visibility of drivers and cause them to misjudge the distance of other vehicles around them so that their means easy to collide others.

Or, driving through thick fog too fast may not allow drivers enough time to stop when approaching another vehicle.

Causes and effects of road accidents

All people who move in road can and get involve be injury. Road condition because of weather such as heavy rains, ice storms cause vehicles slide immediately and the drivers lose their calm; the Death can take them away, their properties are damaged.

To brief, traffic accident is a hot event in our country nowadays. A piece of carelessness, a little of tiredness and some extra aspects are the reasons why traffic accidents happen; the number of fatalities and injuries is increasing rapid.

We should obey laws; correct our attitude to traffic on order to prevent accident from happening and saving our life.Aug 20,  · You also may feel nervous or anxious when passing the site of the accident, seeing similar road conditions or traveling in the vehicle involved in the accident or a similar type or color of car.

The main objective of the study was to establish the causes and effects of motorcycle accidents in Ghana. The sample size of the study was hundred respondents (ninety users and ten victims) and there was a % response rate since the target population was readily available.

every year as a result of road accidents are from developing economies. As a developing lasting effects, either on road-user behaviour or on accidents; (ii) imposing stricter penalties The Impact of Traffic Law Enforcement on Road Accident Fatalities in Botswana.

A road traffic accident is a collision on a road or in a public area involving a vehicle and another vehicle, person, animal or object that causes damage, injury or even death. 2. What are the most common causes of road traffic accidents? Road traffic accidents claimed the lives of millions and could become the sixth leading causes of death worldwide if immediate steps were not taken.

Road safety was a universal concern and global. The authors discuss psychological consequences of road accidents and the need for providing support for the victims and their families.

Effects of road accidents

The most common psychological effects include mental health problems, increased use of psychotropic drugs, and difficulty in performing occupational functions.

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