Essay questions cold mountain

Plot[ edit ] The novel opens in a Confederate military hospital near Raleigh, North Carolinawhere Inman is recovering from battle wounds during the American Civil War. The soldier is tired of fighting for a cause he never believed in. After considering the advice from a blind man and moved by the death of the man in the bed next to him, he decides one nightfall to slip out of the hospital and return home to Cold Mountain, North Carolina. At Cold Mountain, Ada's father soon dies.

Essay questions cold mountain

Frazier uses language, detailed descriptions, and folkways to capture this setting. Characters also use nineteenth-century, Southern speech patterns. Ruby wears homespun, plant-dyed clothing, while Sara has only briars with which to button her dress.

The goat woman lives in a gypsy-like caravan decorated with fading hellfire and brimstone paintings. Inman crosses a land of stumps and muddy rivers to reach Cold Mountain, where in winter the trees are black shapes against white snow. Frazier also captures the cultural flavor of the time with music and folklore.

Stobrod composes fiddle music about love and dying, while Sara sings ballads about lost love and murder. Inman recalls various Cherokee stories, especially the myth of the Shining Rocks.

By using old-fashioned language and dialects, as well as detailed descriptions of people, their daily lives, and their folklore, Frazier succeeds in immersing readers in a rural, Southern world that no longer exists, except in isolated pockets of the South. In Cold Mountain, Charles Frazier explores the different ways humans try to understand their lives, especially when their lives are torn apart by war.

Some characters, like Ruby Thewes, link their sense of self to nature. Stobrod Thewes finds himself through music. Other characters, such as Veasey, seek knowledge in depravity, while characters such as the Goat Woman turn to complete solitude. Neither of these extremes works for the main characters, Inman and Ada Monroe.

While in the hospital, Inman fixes Cold Mountain in his mind as the place where he might heal his broken spirit. He keeps images of Cold Mountain and of Ada in his mind during his dangerous journey back to Cold Mountain. Inman faces many tests, especially moral tests, on his journey.

By the time he reaches Ada and Cold Mountain, he realizes that he is a scarred man, but he can live with his scars.

Ada tries to define herself after her father dies and she is left alone at Black Cove. She sees herself as overeducated and useless, a woman with no purpose, but she sees Cold Mountain as an anchor to which she can cling.

Essay questions cold mountain

It is steady, ancient, and powerful. She comes to understand her connection to the land through its seasons and its natural lessons. She is a self-reliant, deeply thoughtful woman by the time she is reunited with Inman.

Both characters, in visualizing Cold Mountain, visualize a better life, a purposeful life, and each understands that they are part of a larger world that can be seen in the seasons, in the stars, and in the cycle of life and death.

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Inman is told the story of the Shining Rocks by an old Cherokee woman. The story is an allegory for the fall of the Cherokee nation, for in the story Cherokee villagers are offered a place in the land beyond the Shining Rocks if they will fast and make themselves worthy.

Otherwise, terrible times will come for them. The story captures the real failure of the Cherokee people to heed changing times brought by the white man, and so the Nation fell.

Inman first tells this story to Ada at their parting. He is upset that she does not seem more emotional about his departure, and so he tells her this story to illustrate that she cannot know whether he will come back from the war or not.

Neither of them can see what future the war will bring. Yet the myth comes to figure prominently in their lives.answer to this question in the essay booklet, beginning on page 7.

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What parallels, if any, does Frazier draw between Ruby and Stobrod’s, and Ada and Monroe’s relationships? Why are father-daughter relationships so important in the novel?

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