How to say nothing in 500 words paul roberts

This was a very good essay about how students are given an assignment and more often than not, begin to fill the paper with nonsense sentences. Take for example how a simple sentence of "The sky is blue" four wordscan be turned into "The marvelous, big, open, sky, is a deep shade of blue on this lovely day" 15 words ; to fit the word criteria of an essay. The paper in return becomes filled with wording and sentences that add no meaning to the paper itself, just qualify for the wording capacity.

How to say nothing in 500 words paul roberts

The Longman Reader Pg.

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It is taken note that the majority of girls than boys doing well in school is higher than boys and as well as college if boys go to college at all before either finding a job after high school or dropping out.

It is stated that about 50 percent of boys are more likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorder when it is natural for boys to be rebellious and active.

In the short story it is said that feminists are a part of the problem with decimation of boys in school. Female teachers with military tactics to have boys contain themselves when they have so much energy and more prompt to ask questions why they have to learn about certain subjects.

I enjoyed this story because it was about differences of boys and girls and that depending on personalities and gender can affect diverse learning strategies. It was interesting to see what opposing and allied arguments of the feminizing classrooms and decimating boys.

There is a step taken by a student that caused an outburst is impressive to me because they have experienced the issue for all of their 13 years of education. From this action the problem is notified and disputed to how it happens and how to change it.

Though there was not a resolved solution to the decimation of boys it is now thrown into the public that there is a problem with the school system and its teaching environment. A War Against Boys?How to Say Nothing in Words Paul Roberts In this story Roberts explains how you have to use unique ways to come up with a good paper.

Things that make the paper pop out at the reader, something that will catch their interest. Widely praised for its superior teaching apparatus and thought-provoking readings, The Longman Reader remains the most successful rhetorically organized freshman composition reader.

In , Professor Paul McHenry Roberts wrote an essay titled "How to Say Nothing in Words." Professor Roberts states that although the subjects or topics may change through the years, “the principles of good writing should remain constant” (Roberts). A classic essay by American writing teacher Paul Roberts in the s In ―How to Say Nothing in Words,‖ Roberts provides a vivid demonstration of a typical paper of his day with an example, filled with puffery, hot air, and empty words.

How to Say Nothing in Words: An Appreciation. Roberts, Paul. "How to Say Nothing in Words." Roberts says the writer builds with words.

How to say nothing in 500 words paul roberts

Association words are important because you can describe things without writing descriptions. He calls them colorful words; words that go beyond in explaining things but just like anything else these words should be used in moderation.

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Also Roberts. Jul 29,  · I was reading "How to Say Nothing in Words" by Paul McHenry Roberts, and I have to make annotations on it. I stumbled upon the term 'pat expressions', but I Status: Resolved.

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