Lgbt education should be included in school curriculum

Expanding sex and relationship education SRE programs would ensure those students "are told explicitly in the law that their lives are important too. In March, amid pressure to update requirements to better educate children about sexuality and safety in an age of online pornography, cyber bullying and sexting, Education Secretary Justine Greening announced that all primary and secondary schools would be required to teach children "age-appropriate" SRE classes. But union delegates want the government to go two steps farther. Their motion says sex education should include the promotion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues -- including safe-sex guidance for gay and lesbian sex for secondary school students -- and also require that sex education start at the nursery level with children as young as 2 years old.

Lgbt education should be included in school curriculum

LGBT sex education LGBT sex education refers to an educational program, most commonly found in schools, that addresses the sex education needs of LGBT individuals and covers topics related to homosexuality.

It is usually integrated into the general sex education courses alongside heterosexual topics. There is disagreement about whether LGBT sex education should be included in sex education curricula.

Advocates of LGBT sex education say that the inclusion of LGBT issues into sex education programs would reduce homophobic bullying, improve the health of LGBT people, and decrease instances of problems common in LGBT students such as depression and low self-esteem; opponents argue that LGBT sex education programs would force a political point of view on students, misuse tax money, and disrespect religious values.

Gender symbols for homosexuality Background LGBT sex education is currently not covered in many schools. Teachers have differing views on the subject of homosexuality, and these personal opinions can impact LGBT sex education when it is implemented.

Research has also shown that there can be an implicit assumption that all students are heterosexual in sex education classes.

Teachers frequently have their own opinions about homosexuality, and, according to these studies, if teachers have negative views toward LGBT individuals this can come through in their teaching—causing LGBT students to feel unaccepted.

One common place for improvement that researchers have identified is the angle from which sex education is approached in general.

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Buston and HartEllis and Highand others have recommended that teachers frame sex education in terms of relationships rather than merely reproduction, which can lead to the exclusion of LGBT students.

The teens cited silencing, heterocentricity, and pathologizing of LGBT individuals as common practices. When asked how they would improve sex education, the group said inclusive sex education would include discussion of LGBT issues, learning how to access resources, STI prevention, relationships, and anatomy.

They say that parents should have control over what their children are exposed to and taught, and allowing public schools to cover LGBT sex education would undermine this right, forcing a particular political view on students. According to the Christian Postsome parents do not want their children to study homosexuality.

Therefore, it is important that they receive lesbian sex education. Capital Pride parade LGBT sex education supporters have also argued that the inclusion of LGBT topics in the curriculum can decrease instances of bullying in schools by familiarizing students with the range of sexual orientations and reducing harmful stereotypes.

According to the Huffington Post, supporters say that educating young people about LGBT individuals could help them have a more positive attitude toward their gay peers. They argue that covering homosexuality in sex education programs helps students feel more secure at school.

Lgbt education should be included in school curriculum

They also argue that it can be of assistance to any questioning students that might be in the class. Section 28 Section 28 was a controversial law in the United Kingdom that barred schools from presenting homosexuality as a viable sexual orientation or basis for relationships though the law was never used in court.

Nowadays it has become evident that homosexual relations are the main culprit for increased spreading of sexually transmitted diseases e. Such people are homosexuals because of sexual contacts with numerous partners, drug addictsMar 07,  · In Canada, LGBT-inclusive sex education has recently made the news.

Ontario just released a new sex education curriculum that is causing controversy amongst residents. Just last month, the Fresno, Calif., school board president created controversy by saying that students are "moldable" and implying that the state's sex education curriculum might encourage them.

She’d heard about a growing “sit-out” movement to protest the bill, which was amended to force transgender and LGBT material into the curriculum; material that included “education” on lubricants, sex toys and anal sex. 7 days ago · After a decision that Scotland’s education system will become the first in the world to have LGBTI education embedded in the curriculum, Cara Spence of LGBT .

Lessons for LGBT Inclusion Educators should spend time identifying the extent to which LGBT-related content is present in their current curriculum.

Care should be taken to fill gaps while looking for opportunities to deepen student understanding of their world. LGBT people, history, and events can be easily inserted into most content areas. For a lot of LGBTQ kids, going to a school with a faith-based curriculum means staying in the closet.

Or worse.

Lgbt education should be included in school curriculum

Ndindi Kitonga is a faculty member at the Longy School of Music in L.A., as well as the founder of Angeles Workshop School, a small progressive secondary school also in Southern California.

LGBT sex education