Local related studies of computer aided instruction

To be eligible for entry into the minor, students need a minimum GPA of 2. Coursework 12 credits total:

Local related studies of computer aided instruction

Components[ edit ] The following are the main components required for the best virtual learning learning environment or online education curriculum to take place. VLE learning platforms commonly allow: The course syllabus Administrative information about the course: A notice board for current information about the ongoing course The basic content of some or all of the course; the complete course for distance learning applications, or some part of it, when used as a portion of a conventional course.

This normally includes material such as copies of lecture in the form of text, audio, or video presentations, and the supporting visual presentations Additional resources, either integrated or as links to outside resources. This typically consists of supplementary reading, or innovative equivalents for it.

Self-assessment quizzes or analogous devices, normally scored automatically Formal assessment functions, such as examinations, essay submission, or presentation of projects.

This now frequently includes components to support peer assessment Support for communications, including e-mailthreaded discussionschat roomsTwitter and other media, sometimes with the instructor or an assistant acting as moderator.

Additional elements include wikisblogsRSS and 3D virtual learning spaces.

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Links to outside sources — pathways to all other online learning spaces are linked via the VLE Virtual Learning Environment. Management of access rights for instructors, their assistants, course support staff, and students Documentation and statistics as required for institutional administration and quality control Authoring tools for creating the necessary documents by the instructor, and, usually, submissions by the students Provision for the necessary hyperlinks to create a unified presentation to the students.

Interactive online whiteboard for live virtual classes A VLE is normally not designed for a specific course or subject, but is capable of supporting multiple courses over the full range of the academic program, giving a consistent interface within the institution and—to some degree—with other institutions using the system.

The virtual learning environment supports the worldwide exchange of information between a user and the learning institute he or she is currently enrolled in through digital mediums like e-mail, chat rooms, web 2.

In virtual mode, the materials are available in the form of computer aided learning program, lecture notes, special self-assessment module. Another mechanism for student to student interactions in a form of simple discussion forum is by using a novel link cyber tutor. This allows the students with an email account to connect with course content and the staff with their doubts and related questions.

The students are able to contact the staff without a face to face visit which saves the on campus time. The staff remains anonymous which allows for the several staff to act as a cyber tutor during the course. The student do not remain anonymous although their email address are cryptic enough to mask their identity.

Students can discuss about the exams, lab reports, posters, lectures, technical help with downloading materials. The evaluation of the use of Virtual resource room is done by surveys, focus groups and online feedback forms.

The students have 24 hours of access to the learning material in a day which suits their life styles. The major difference is that VLE and LMS are applications, whereas the Learning Platform shares characteristics with an Operating System where different educational web-based applications can be run on the platform.

The terms virtual learning environment VLE and learning platform are generically used to describe a range of integrated web-based applications that provide teachers, learners, parents and others involved in education with information, tools and resources to support and enhance educational delivery and management.

The applications that form part of these online services can include web pages, email, message boards and discussion forums, text and video conferencing, shared diaries, online social areas, as well as assessment, management and tracking tools.

The term learning platform also includes the personal learning environment PLE or personal online learning space POLSincluding tools and systems that allow the development and management of eportfolios. The specific functionality associated with any implementation of a learning platform will vary depending upon the needs of the users and can be achieved by bringing together a range of features from different software solutions either commercially available, open sourceself-built or available as free to use web services.

These tools are delivered together via a cohesive user environment with a single entry point, through integration achieved by technical standards. Related concepts include content management system CMSwhich properly refers to the organization of the educational or other content, not the overall environment; learning content management system LCMSwhich is more often used for corporate training systems than for systems in education institutions; managed learning environment MLEwhich normally refers to the overall infrastructure in an institution of which the VLE is a component, learning support system LSS ; online learning centre OLC ; or learning platform LPeducation via computer-mediated communication CMC ; or online education.

The term "virtual learning environment" is more commonly used in Europe and Asia, while the synonymous term "learning management system" is the more common usage in North America.

The term LMS can also mean "library management system" which is now more commonly referred to as integrated library systemor ILS. Justification[ edit ] This section's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia.

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Local related studies of computer aided instruction

Drafting is a term for technical drawings and designs used in maps, architectural blueprints, product manuals and other materials used by other professionals or members of the public. Bachelor of Science - Occupational and Technical Studies Admission.

Students applying for admission to the marketing education and technology education teacher licensure programs must satisfy the Virginia Board of Education Required Assessment for admission to an approved teacher education program.

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Related Studies Of Computer Aided Instruction most effective ways is taking advantage of instruction technologies, especially the ). The overlapping terms related to the uses of computer and associated research studies carried out in.

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