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On this page connected with Interesting Africa facts we list many details of this amazing Africa landform. It originates inside Burundi, south of the equator, and flows northward to northeastern Africa, eventually flowing through Egypt and then draining into the Mediterranean Sea.

Nile special

The British fleet bears down on the French line. Although initially disappointed that the main French fleet was not at Alexandria, Nelson knew from the presence of the transports that they must be nearby.

The Nile special initially reported just 11 British ships — Swiftsure and Alexander were still returning from their scouting operations at Alexandria, and so were 3 nautical miles 5.

At the sight of the French, Troubridge abandoned the vessel and made strenuous efforts to rejoin Nelson. Brueys gave orders to abandon the plan to remain at anchor and instead for his line to set sail. This convinced Brueys that rather than risk an evening battle in confined waters, the British were planning to wait for the following day.

He rescinded his earlier order to sail. It also increased manoeuvrability and therefore reduced the risk of coming under raking fire. Brueys, now expecting to come under attack that night, ordered each of his ships to place springs on Nile special anchor cables and prepare for action.

The admiral ordered Hood to establish the safest course into the harbour. The British had no charts of the depth or shape of the bay, except a rough sketch map Swiftsure had obtained from a merchant captain, an inaccurate British atlas on Zealous, [75] and a year-old French map aboard Goliath. This caused a gap to open up between Zealous and Goliath and the rest of the fleet.

British ships are in red; French ships are in blue. Ten minutes after the French opened fire Goliath, ignoring fire from the fort to starboard and from Guerrier to portmost of which was too high to trouble the ship, crossed the head of the French line.

On his own initiative, Foley decided to exploit this tactical error and changed his angle of approach to sail through the gap. Hastily launching their boats, they returned to their vessels. The convention in naval warfare of the time was that ships of the line did not attack frigates when there were ships of equal size to engage, but in firing first French Captain Claude-Jean Martin had negated the rule.

Saumarez waited until the frigate was at close range before replying. Theseuswhich had been disguised as a first-rate ship, [89] followed Foley's track across Guerrier's bow.

Miller steered his ship through the middle of the melee between the anchored British and French ships until he encountered the third French ship, Spartiate. Anchoring to port, Miller's ship opened fire at close range.

Captain Henry Darby on Bellerophon missed his intended anchor near Franklin and instead found his ship underneath the main battery of the French flagship. Unable to stop in time, Westcott's jib boom became entangled with Tonnant's shroud.

By this time, Guerrier had been completely dismasted and heavily battered.

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Zealous by contrast was barely touched: Hood had situated Zealous outside the arc of most of the French ship's broadsides, and in any case Guerrier was not prepared for an engagement on both sides simultaneously, with its port guns blocked by stores.

It was not until With his ship immobile and badly damaged, the mortally wounded Captain Etienne Dalbarade struck his colours and a boarding party seized control. Goliath lost most of its rigging, suffered damage to all three masts and suffered more than 60 casualties.

Its masts protruded from the water as survivors scrambled into boats and rowed for the shore. Within minutes all three of his ship's masts had fallen, but the battle around Spartiate continued until Certain that his wound was fatal, he cried out "I am killed, remember me to my wife", [] and called for his chaplain, Stephen Comyn.

Nelson returns on deck after his wound is dressed. Defence and Orion attacked the fifth French ship, Peuple Souverain, from either side and the ship rapidly lost the fore and main masts.

Peuple Souverain drifted south towards the flagship Orient, which mistakenly opened fire on the darkened vessel. Defence had lost its fore topmast and an improvised fireship that drifted through the battle narrowly missed Orion.

Nile special

The origin of this vessel, an abandoned and burning ship's boat laden with highly flammable material, is uncertain, but it may have been launched from Guerrier as the battle began. The wrecked ship surrendered during the night.

Franklin remained in combat, but Blanquet had suffered a severe head wound and Captain Gillet had been carried below unconscious with severe wounds. Shortly afterwards, a fire broke out on the quarterdeck after an arms locker exploded, which was eventually extinguished with difficulty by the crew.

Captain Darby recognised that his position was untenable and ordered the anchor cables cut at The battered ship drifted away from the battle under continued fire from Tonnant as the foremast collapsed as well. Captain George Blagdon Westcott was among the dead, killed by French musket fire.Nile Special Lager is a American Adjunct Lager style beer brewed by Nile Breweries (SAB) in Jinja, Uganda.

average with 13 ratings, reviews and opinions. Nile Special Lager is a American Adjunct Lager style beer brewed by Nile Breweries (SAB) in Jinja, Uganda. average with 13 ratings, reviews and opinions/5(13).

The Battle of the Nile (also known as the Battle of Aboukir Bay; French: Bataille d'Aboukir) was a major naval battle fought between the British Royal Navy and the Navy of the French Republic at Aboukir Bay on the Mediterranean coast off the Nile Delta of Egypt from 1 to 3 August The battle was the climax of a naval campaign that had raged across the Mediterranean during the previous.

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