Racism in medical treatment

While the AMA is handing out apologies, methinks the chiropractic profession is due one too. Certainly black MDs were forced to sit in the back of the medical bus for too long, but chiropractors were thrown under the same bus. Indeed, will the AMA be as forthcoming about its genocidal campaign against the chiropractic profession?

Racism in medical treatment

Take when Pope Innocent VIII was on his deathbed inhis doctors used vampire-like technique on 3 boys and had the pope drink their blood.

Racism in medical treatment

The boys were bled until they died, and the pope died as well. The article recounts notable doctors of s England digging up bodies to use the bones for medicine. Medical treatments included ingesting flesh, bone, or blood, along with a variety of moss sometimes found on human skulls right up until the late 18th century.

Use of medicines made from blood and other human body parts was widespread in Europe. Fresh blood was used as a cure for epilepsy and other body parts to treat a variety of diseases, including arthritis, warts, diseases of the reproductive system, sciatica, and even teenage acne… One of the books this stuff is documented in Cannibal The History of People Eater s.

Europeans had no ethical or moral issues at all with cannibalism — for example — until the 19th century. The bodies of other humans was just another natural product available for use and recycling.

Candles made of human fat were used up until the s. Thomas Willis, a 17th-century pioneer of brain science, would routinely brewed a drink for apoplexy or bleedingthat mingled powdered human skull and chocolate.

Did other Europeans consider these practices deviant and depraved? Of course not, after all, a French Franciscan monk of the same time was making marmalade out of human blood, and even wrote a recipe for it. The instructions, in part, read like this: Take the Crusades, for example.

In fact, when Africa had introduced way of writing the white race was oblivious of how to communicate through letters. Yet when the whites of yore got the opportunity of enlightenment it did not take them long to see all other human race as inferior to them even when some of them were aware that that perception was and is still wrong.

They rather went on to introduce human zoos to shame fellow humankind. Negro Village The goal of that was to demonstrate people born in Asia and Africa, and show their primitive and sometimes even savage lifestyle.

Such zoos, especially in Germany, had strongly pronounced racist implication, which was taken from the Social Darwinism currents, when people from Africa were often demonstrated together with monkeys in order to show their common origin.

This is the settlement of Iroquoises. People wear their traditional costumes and headwears decorated with feathers. They adopted Christianity and took German names. It was the way to earn money for them; the family was to clear off debts and needed money.

Abraham Ulrikab made notes writing the Inuktuit language; he described all the humiliations that his family underwent.

Ceylonese citizens were also shown at such exhibitions. Negro Village The World Fair presented tin nude in cages, often nude or semi nude. This is a Somalia village, which was demonstrated in Luna Park, St.This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality kaja-net.com specific problem is: repetition, organisation, coherence.

Please help improve this article if you can. (July ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message). A Hawaii nurse was awarded $ million last Wednesday for emotional distress and humiliation from enduring racist treatment at her previous place of employment. KITV 4 reports former Queen’s.

"Futile" treatment is when there is no medical benefit from the treatment they are receiving, and that there will be no improvement if they are in a permanent vegetative state.

Continued racial discrimination against African Americans worsens disparities in diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders, said speakers at the Institute on Psychiatric Services. The relationship between African Americans and the general and mental health care systems has a rocky history.

The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) dictate the physician must initially assess how sick the patient is or if the patient is in the state of life-threatening illness.

The study, titled “Becoming an Adult in the Face of Racism,” also offers advice to emerging African-Americans on how to cope with and confront incidents of racism, Medical Xpress reports.

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