Sas human resource strategy critical analysis

There were great, successful companies. The first management consultants changed that.

Sas human resource strategy critical analysis

There are varying views as to the role of a Human Resource Function and its practitioners. Explore what these roles are and analyse how they can add value and enhance organisational effectiveness.

The growth strategy of an organisation depends upon many factors one such factor is the concerns related to global human resources of the organisation.

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In the business world there are pressing concerns regarding issues like cross cultural diversity, business practices and host country laws.

This is where strategic human resource management comes into play as it is a concept of HR management which involves processes that defines the plans and intentions of an organisation. It is designed to help the organisations that meet the needs and desires of their employees.

HRM deals with aspects in organisations or business that affects employees directly aspects such as training, pay, firing, hiring and administration. They are also responsible for providing safety procedure information, work incentives and providing vacation and sick leaves.

The strategic HRM role is to define the organisation plans and intentions on how the goals of the organisation can be achieved through employees. It is usually based on these three propositions: Pettigrew and Hendry in the year explained how strategic human resource management can have four meanings: Their concern is to get things done with the development of capabilities and fulfilling the human capital requirements.

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The rationale of strategic HRM is understanding and agreeing with the approach of people management in the longer duration or term. Lengnick Hall in the year suggested that in a business that rationale of strategic HRM is the underlying concept which helps in achieving the competitive advantage through human resource management.

It is all about proactively managing people. The people involved in this field have to plan and think ahead for a business to meet the requirements of the people and thus helping the employees to meet the goals that are decided for the company.

Sas human resource strategy critical analysis

HRM is the best way to cultivate a atmosphere in a company that is work based and is about productivity. The fundamental aim of strategic human resource management is to ensure that the firm or organisation has the committed, well motivated and skilled employees that help in achieving a sustained competitive edge or advantage.

Their objective is to steer the business in a direction that can ensure that the individual need of the employees are fulfilled with the business needs of the firm which can be met collectively. They can be achieved collectively by developing and implementing the practical and coherent human resource programmes and policies.

According to a remark by Holder and Dyer in the year strategic human resource management is about unifying frameworks that are integrative, broad and contingency based. The aims of strategic human resource management can be considered only when we consider the interests of all the stakeholders through the human resource strategies which take into account the employees as well as management and owners.Students develop their knowledge of fundamental business functions and processes, including management of human capital, marketing, operations, and finance, applying this knowledge to realistic business problems in a variety of organizational settings.

Strategic human resources management is a process that makes human resource strategies that are integrated with the firm’s business goals and contribute to the overall strategy of the organization.

It is defined as the ‘means of aligning the management of human resources with the strategic content of the business’ (Walker, J.W., )/5(14K). 40+ years of analytics innovation. SAS is a trusted analytics powerhouse for organizations seeking immediate value from their data.

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