The best and the worst days of my life

Ellis is out of business, sadly.

The best and the worst days of my life

I decided I better get up.

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As I walked out, mumbling to myself about hating school, I realised everyone was already up, which was weird considering I was normally the first one ready in the mornings at my house.

I manage to get to school, even though I was a bit late. It was a pretty good day at school. My sister, my mum and I walked down the office steps and into the car park where we got into our car.

The Best and Worst Day of My Life

When we got home we sat on the couchI reached for the TV remote but mum stopped me. My dadmy own father is gone, and I will never see him again. I let go of my mum and ran out of the door I just wanted to keep on running and I never wanted to stop.


Even though my mum and him had divorced when I was grade 2 he was still my dadI still loved him. I went to his funeral, As I walked in the door there was a picture of himstaring right at me.

At that point I relised that he was gonehe would never get to see me or my sisters grow up.

The best and the worst days of my life

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The best and the worst days of my life

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The Best Years in Life