The looking glass wars

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The looking glass wars

Inspiration[ edit ] In interviews, Beddor claims he wrote the book after seeing an incomplete deck of cards as part of a display of ancient playing cards at the British Museum. He later went to a playing card collector who claimed to have the cards missing from the deck and told him the story of the Looking Glass Wars.

The Looking Glass Wars is thus supposedly a faithful recording of this story. Wonderland features a class system similar to that seen in England during the 17th century, though on a far more minimalist scale.

The government is a Queendom with an advising Parliament dominated by a playing card based hierarchy, with the Heart family at the top of the proverbial stack i. Females are the dominant sex in Wonderland, as the ruling families are matriarchies.

Wonderland, ruled by Queen Genevieve Heart, is still recovering from a bloody civil war between "White" and "Black" Imagination which ended twelve years prior to the beginning of the story.

The looking glass wars

Enough time has passed for those in the middle echelons of government to forget the day-to-day horrors of war and focus once more on the petty intrigues of a land at peace.

Queen Genevieve and Redd clash against one another in a final battle as Alyss barely manages to escape from the palace; Genevieve is killed by Redd.

The two fugitives, Hatter and Alyss, enter an inter-dimensional gateway called the Pool of Tears, from which they emerge into Earth through an exit portal: Lost and alone, Alyss spends some time with street orphans, then finds herself adopted by the Liddell family, whereby she is given the name "Odd Alice" for her tales about Wonderland and the way she insists her name be spelled.

When Dodgson plagiarizes her stories for his own imagination rather than write them verbatim, she shuns her imagination and resolves to believe Wonderland false and lost to her forever. Meanwhile, Hatter is searching every corner of the world to find the lost princess.

Believing that men dealing in headwear are men to be trusted above all others, he stops in every hat shop he can, inquiring the whereabouts of Princess Alyss Heart.

Along his search he also trails people alight with the glow of White Imagination, knowing that Alyss would most likely glow the brightest. In the process, he becomes a mystery to people on Earth, who catch glimpses of him and create legends of a blade-wielding man on a strange quest leading him to headwear merchants around the world.

Upon arrival in Oxford, Hatter discovers that the princess is to marry to Prince Leopold. Before Hatter is able to rescue the princess, he is unexpectedly wounded and driven back to Wonderland.

Dodge himself goes into the Pool of Tears, and rescues Alyss. The Wonderlanders still loyal to White Imagination have gathered within the Whispering Woods and have been surviving on their own, led by military leader General Doppelganger and Bibwit Harte.

After thirteen years of no sign of Alyss ever returning home, morale within the camp is low and the Alyssians are considering turning themselves in to Redd. However, Alyss returns to Wonderland and she is immediately taken in by the Alyssians, who rejoice with a wave of new hope and promise.

With the assistance of the Alyssians, Alyss is able to find and locate the Looking-Glass Maze, which is the manner by which all future Queens obtain their full strength and power necessary to rule Wonderland. When Alyss passes through the maze, she finds her intended Heart Scepter and moves on to fight against, and defeat, Redd.

Redd, seeing her imminent failure against Alyss, throws herself into the Heart Crystal, who is followed by The Cat. Alyss, having defeated Black Imagination, is crowned as the true Queen of Wonderland.

Characters[ edit ] This section may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience. Alyss is eventually forced to adjust and adapt to the world around her.

She shuns her imagination, finally to the point of believing Wonderland to be nothing but a dream. On multiple occasions she proves herself not only an exceptionally powerful adept but highly intelligent, like her mother and indeed her aunt.

Like many protagonists, Alyss shares characteristics with her arch-enemy. Like Redd she does not enjoy the burdens of upholding the laws of White Imagination, love, justice and duty to the people and wants to be free to do as she pleases but unlike Redd she does care about all of those things and rules Wonderland selflessly.

Alyss can be hard-edged and proud, however, and is a fierce opponent in combat, earning her the title of "Warrior-Queen" which was compulsory for all of her ancestors.

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Nevertheless, she is a fair, kind and wise individual, earning her the respect and admiration of those around her. He spends the next thirteen years searching for her, intent to keep his promise to Queen Genevieve.

He is an expert bladesmen, and his hat can flatten and split into S-shaped blades which is used like a boomerang fashion. After finding Alyss, he returns to Wonderland to help her in defeating Redd. Being her tutor, Bibwit Harte has always viewed her fall into the diabolical as a failure in her education and consequently his fault.

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Since that time, Redd has crowned herself Queen and rules over Wonderland promoting evil and Black Imagination. After a fierce battle with her niece, she jumps into the Heart Crystal, disappearing, leaving Alyss and the rest of her friends to wonder whether she is alive or dead.

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Whilst being highly intelligent and gifted with a powerful Imagination in the Wonderland of the story, Imagination has magical powersRedd was utterly unruly and arrogant as a teenager and exhibited behavior consistent with Oppositional defiant disorder.Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

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Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There () (also known as "Alice through the Looking-Glass" or simply "Through the Looking-Glass") is a novel by Lewis Carroll and the sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ().

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The looking glass wars

The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor: Novel Trilogy, Comic Book Series, Soundtrack & Collectible Card Game. The Looking Glass Wars Book 1 in The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy — The Looking Glass Wars unabashedly challenges the world’s Carrollian Wonderland assumptions of tea parties, dormice and a curious little blonde girl to reveal an epic, cross dimensional saga of love, murder, betrayal, revenge and the endless war for Imagination.

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