Torah scroll writing alphabet

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Torah scroll writing alphabet

Usage[ edit ] Torah reading from a Sefer Torah is traditionally reserved for Monday and Thursday mornings, as well as for Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

The presence of a minyan is required for the reading of the Torah to be held in public during the course of the worship services. As the Torah is sungfollowing the often dense text is aided by a yad "hand"a metal or wooden hand-shaped pointer that protects the scrolls by avoiding unnecessary contact of the skin with the parchment.

Production[ edit ] A sterling silver Torah case. In some traditions the Torah is housed in an ornamental wooden case. According to halakhaa sefer Torah is a copy of the formal Hebrew text of torah scroll writing alphabet Torah hand-written on gevil or klaf forms of parchment see below by using a quill or other permitted writing utensil dipped in ink.

Producing a sefer Torah fulfills one of the commandments. Scrolls not processed in this way are considered invalid Hilkoth Tefillin 1: The housing has two rollers, each of which has two handles used for scrolling the text, four handles in all.

Most modern Sifrei Torah are written with forty-two lines of text per column Yemenite Jews use fifty one. Very strict rules about the position and appearance of the Hebrew alphabet are observed.

See for example the Mishnah Berurah on the subject. The fidelity of the Hebrew text of the Tanakhand the Torah in particular, is considered paramount, down to the last letter: Some errors are inevitable in the course of production.

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If the error involves a word other than the name of God, the mistaken letter may be obliterated from the scroll by scraping the letter off the scroll with a sharp object. If the name of God is written in error, the entire page must be cut from the scroll and a new page added, and the page written anew from the beginning.

The new page is sewn into the scroll to maintain continuity of the document. The old page is treated with appropriate respect, and is buried with respect rather than being otherwise destroyed or discarded. The completion of the Sefer Torah is a cause for great celebration, and honored guests of the individual who commissioned the Torah are invited to a celebration wherein each of the honored guests is given the opportunity to write one of the final letters.

It is a great honor to be chosen for this. It is a mitzvah for every Jewish male to either write or have written for him a Sefer Torah. Of the commandments, one — the 82nd as enumerated by Rashiand the final as it occurs in the text the Book of Deuteronomy Because of the work involved, these can cost tens of thousands of United States dollars to produce to ritually proper standards.

A printed version of the Torah is known colloquially as a Chumash plural Chumashim. They are treated as respected texts, but not anywhere near the level of sacredness accorded a Sefer Torah, which is often a major possession of a Jewish community.

A chumash contains the Torah and other writings, usually organised for liturgical use, and sometimes accompanied by some of the main classic commentaries. Types of material permitted to use for a Sefer Torah[ edit ] Main articles: The Sofer was from the Sharabi family There are three types of specially processed animal skin or parchment: These are Hebrew words to describe different types of parchment, although the term duchsustos is Greek.

torah scroll writing alphabet

A kosher Sefer Torah should be written on gevil. A Sefer Torah written on duchsustos is not kosher. Ingredients used in making ink for Hebrew scrolls today.The Making of a Torah Scroll.

Written by hand, a sefer Torah is produced according to strict specifications.

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Writing a Torah scroll is a religious act. First and foremost, a kosher (acceptable according to Jewish law) Torah scroll must be hand-written. The scribe cannot write a Torah scroll from memory, and must refer to a written book.

Glossary of Names and Terms. Numbers in parentheses refer to chapters where the term is defined and listed as a key term. Note that I is the Introduction; P1, P2, and P3 are the respective prologues to Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3; and C is the Conclusion.

Sale of kosher Torah scrolls, tefillin, mezuzah scrolls and megillah scrolls from Israel; Sefer Torah writing projects; Ask the sofer STaM.

Mysteries of the Alphabet: The Origins of Writing [Marc-Alain Ouaknin, Josephine Bacon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Why is A the first letter of the alphabet? Why is O round? This work tells how Protosinaic pictograms - derived from Egyptian heiroglyphics and discovered in the Sinai only at the beginning of the 20th century - changed throughout the millennia and left.

Two explanations have direct bearing on the laws related to writing of the letters in a Torah scroll, tefillin and mezuzah. The third and fourth letters, " Gimmel and Dalet, stand for gimol dalim, be kind to the poor. Sefer Torah (Torah Scroll) Maintenance Tips. Proper sefer Torah maintenance will considerably extend a Torah scroll's lifespan and will likely cost less in the long term.

Do not wait until problems are found in the Torah scroll to bring in a up a maintenance program under the direction of a Torah scroll .

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