Writing a friendly letter 3rd grade

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Writing a friendly letter 3rd grade

writing a friendly letter 3rd grade

Kimberlie Harris was honored this week for her proposal to build a habitat for bats with her third grade pupils. Kimberlie Harris Harris teaches at Samuel E. Hubbard Elementary School, in the city of Forsyth. This is the same school where teacher Tiffany Smith won the same award in Smith was recognized for plans for students and volunteers to build a bog to help manage stormwater runoff at the school.

Harris was recognized for her proposal, EcoTeam to the Rescue: Endangered Animals of Georgia.

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The plan is to build a habitat for bats, some of which are endangered, rare or species of concern in Georgia, according to a report by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. A successful bat house should contain the following elements, according to a report by a bat group available via a link on a DNR page: Taller and wider houses are even better.

All houses should have 3- to 6-inch landing areas extending below the entrances or recessed partitions with landing space inside.

Bats prefer native insects, and native insects required native plants to attract the insects. Some plants attract moths, such as wild onion, feathery false lily and garden phlox. The grant proposals submitted from educators across the state were reviewed and a winner selected by a representative of TERN and one from the wildlife section, according to a statement from DNR.

Harris, a language arts teacher, partnered with a science teacher to develop the bat habitat project. Each student was charged with completing one of the following exercises, which Harris provided on the website for her class: Write a letter to the citizens of Georgia telling about your need to be protected.

Be sure to include information on where you live, how important you are to the ecosystem, and what they can do to help you. It is important to follow the guidelines for writing a friendly letter. Include a lot of scientific facts but be creative. Your work can be done neatly by hand or on the computer.

Your teacher will show you how to use the publishing programs. Make it neat, colorful, and well-organized. Be sure to include lots of pictures, facts about the animal, and suggestions for ways to help. A copy of your script will need to be turned in.

Make a mask and wear clothing of an appropriate color.Oct 27,  · How to Write a Letter to Santa with Nick Hornby | Kid President - Duration: SoulPancake , views. Writing a Friendly Letter - Duration: 3. Writing Friendly Letters Friendly Letters: First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade Writing Prompts: Draw and Write Draw and Write Activity Pages: Photo Writing Prompts Writing Photo Prompts (2 randomly selected) Build a writing prompt page with your own photo.

Friendly Letter Format

This interactive activity helps students to learn the five parts of a friendly letter. By following the step by step guide, students can create a letter and then print it.

Kids can focus on content while the letter maker takes care of formatting. Keep the art of letter writing alive when you learn how to teach writing a friendly letter to third grade students. This lesson provides the format of a friendly letter, a letter writing .

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C is silent in muscle, yacht, indict, scissors, landscape scene, scent, black, science (c sounds like an s next to e, i, y) ***A clever web page visitor commented that on the sc examples, perhaps the s is the silent letter, since c usually sounds like an s next to e, i, and y!***. In third grade, students will engage in activities that build on their prior knowledge and skills in order to strengthen their reading, writing, and oral language skills.

Students should read and write .

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