Youth in a changing world

Welcome United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon "As the world changes with unprecedented speed, young people are proving to be invaluable partners who can advance meaningful solutions.

Youth in a changing world

Students come from slums or other challenging circumstances, such as orphanages, correctional homes and even a camp for those who've had to flee Boko Haram. Okpoe, for one, has taken this to heart. She helped create an app called Makoko Fresh that went live this summer, enabling fishermen like her father to sell seafood directly to customers.

She wants to become a software engineer and hopes to study computer science at Harvard. Their future is bright. Below is an edited version of their conversation. How did you discover your love of computers?

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Life growing up for me was tough. Losing my mother at the age of 4, being beaten by my father -- life was just crazy. I learned to fend for myself. My first experience with a computer was at the age of 10, on a school break, at a business center run by my brother's friend. Learning to type and modify text in Microsoft Word was just beautiful.

But I really discovered my love for computers when I joined an IT firm as an intern after high school. When I got introduced to the world of computer programming, I was just natural with it.

It's all about solving problems. I never knew that I'd be looking for solutions to problems regarding less privileged girls. Isn't solving problems at the heart of your program?

That is what GirlsCoding is all about. We also want the girls to be leaders and change agents. We code towards a purpose, so they try to solve problems relating to what they see.

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For example, one project that I really like is called Hope Baskets. The girls wanted to get beggars off the streets, so they created a website to be a bridge between the rich and the poor.

They wanted a way where someone can declutter their house and give them a call.The 16th of June was Youth Day. This is an important commemorative occasion celebrated annually. Coincidentally, the World Federation for Mental Health's theme for Mental Health Awareness Day in October is "Youth and Mental Health in a Changing World.".

Without the Bible the education of the child in the present state of the society is impossible -- Leo Tolstoy. If as a child you have not known a secured home,it is very likely as you go through life regardless of your abode or wherever you are, you.

17 ways young people are changing the world Photo: Alina Escobar, UNDP Guatemala Right now, billion young people between the ages of 10 and 24 are studying, working and finding their purpose.

Youth in a changing world

Youth Changing The World. Powered By: Your Service Project Toolkit This guide will walk you through the following steps that will help you make a. Mar 13,  · As the cultural landscape around the world was thrown into turmoil during the industrial revolution, and with a chasm erupting between adults and youth, the concept of .

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